Tuesday 25 July 2023

Leaving there for retrieving here

Unpuzzling the puzzle

Daily, I attempt two puzzles as early as possible, first, I do the Wordle which I now have a maximum and current winning streak of over 300 and then the Sudoku app on my phone at the Expert level of difficulty.

This mental exercise is useful and interesting, especially the Sudoku I strive to solve without error. Yet, there are times I make a mistake or two, which can happen, but what annoys me is when I make an obvious mistake, being blind to a number already in a row or column more than in a 3-by-3 box, at other times, it is the fat-finger; clicking on a number other than the one I intended.

Seeking the seeing aid

It is the presence of mind or the absence of thought and the battle to retain some sort of control of things and usually a lot appears to be totally out of control.

For instance, I was looking for my second pair of eyeglasses, a quest I embarked upon over a month ago without success. I had looked in every box, every bag, my travel suitcases and anywhere else you will not expect to find eyeglasses.

Now, I have so many eyeglasses cases around my apartment, it is a litany of experimentation and history apart from the letter that arrived last week reminding me of the need for a new eye test. While I had not given up and Brian was encouragingly suggesting I would eventually find them; I was getting perplexed.

Preordered for the future

In the gathering of the kit for a role, I formally exited at the end of last month, I looked on a shelf and there were 4 eyeglass cases I did not realise I had put there some time ago. I opened each case, and they had the last two pairs of eyeglasses I had before my current prescription, the third had the pair I was looking for.

My surprise, and again a sense of order that had those cases put apart on the shelf at a time I could not recall, but has now served the purpose intended, easy access if one can just remember where things were put.

Now, I have always prided myself and this is not a knack I had well into adolescence of knowing where I have put something I have handled myself. There is knowledge beyond the sixth sense I need to review to find some things. A calmness of mind, a steading of thought, and a dispelling of anxiety or worry are all necessary to gain that new insight, but I sadly do not use it enough to my advantage.

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