Tuesday 18 July 2023


The ease of unease

Much as I usually speak of the simplicity of writing blogs, I even gave a presentation on that topic a few weeks ago, something I put together in less than 15 minutes. It gave me the impression that I probably have a good idea of the freeform blog, the professional or technical blog still requires a bit more form, function, and finesse.

Yet, this apparent ease of blogging does not lend itself to prolific blogging, then for my kind of output as someone who blogs for pleasure rather than revenue, the length of time of blogging and the frequency of blogging could pass for quite prolific. I should retain a sense of modesty.

Doing without showing

Then I think of the many blogs I could have written in the past week to mark events, observations, and opinions, yet none appeared. The thoughts formed in my head and then ones I tried to start and never completed. Brian does better, not so much as a publisher, he is an excellent writer if only he could be more confident at it. He blogs at Brian’s Point of View.

The majority of his blogs that he writes, he never publishes, he writes like an author who types out half a page of whatever narrative, pulls it out of the typewriter, scrunches the paper into a ball to throw into a basket that I bet he misses more times than he gets it in at the first attempt.

Getting beyond Blog-In-Draft

He is the master of the Blog-In-Draft, sketches, doodles, scribbles, and scratches of thought with a prospect that does not see the light of day. He is not a fantasist or a daydreamer, I have to prod him relentlessly to get him to publish and because he hardly does, when he does, I might see the blog days or even weeks after he has published.

I might even speak out of turn and get caught out, I am asking for a blog to be published and I am the one who has not been current. I still believe everyone has ideas, insights, and inspiration to write interesting blogs, if they can take the Blog-In-Draft out of their heads, type out what they have to say, they can publish and later even refine it.

There, we have a blog on the Blog-In-Draft. That is probably the more interesting thing about freeform blogging. You can write about anything and begin the conversation on something. We all have a blog in us, we just need to write it and publish it.

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