Thursday 6 April 2023

Thought Picnic: On the journey without alternative

Knowing yourself

You find there are times of self-appraisal and self-assessment that leads to a deconstruction of who you are to its fundamental and unencumbered state, where all you have to see is your sheer humanity in all its vulnerabilities, no ego lurking and imposing. It is like viewing yourself just before you step in the shower, warts and all without any embellishment.

In the workshop of thought, reminisce, and meditation that resides in the factory of my cranium, scarcely would I invite any to visit even if they have adorned the highest industry-standard protections to shield themselves from harm, it is a fiery and industrious space, as much as it can be calm and resourceful.

Being known

As to what kind of person I am, much of which can be exposed in conversations with those who know me very well and maybe too well to be comfortable with, I might have struck them as both strange and sometimes unserious and irreverently playful. I am not sure I need to apologise for what they already know and can vouch for in terms of what and who they believe I am.

When I set a course and I do not want to shift or deviate, I probably do not want to be distracted from what I have decided to do. Essentially, I am not a Plan B kind of person, my temperament is not suited to straddling and accommodating many options in a whack-a-mole game of chance in the hope that I hit something or something works. The future might not be sure, and neither should it be the theatre of a gamble even if choices give a dabble.

I see

There is a fight in my conscience, the need to follow my deepest premonitions and probably premonition is the wrong word because sometimes, in the midst of the storm comes a calm, a word of encouragement and assurance, the kind that tells you that first you are not alone and then there is a path where there seems to be absolutely no way.

They call that a breakthrough, it is usually not a plan, just life becoming the time when you think and say to others, I really wonder how that happened.

Beyond the wish is the heart’s desire, the pictures that have been drawn and redrawn in the recesses of that factory that you are only a hair’s breadth from seeing those things that were not as though they were in materiality and experience. All things are possible and that is just it.

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