Sunday 16 April 2023

Thought Picnic: Of the essence of dreams that cannot be filmed

They refuse to ride

There are times you want to reassess things that are presented before you like being at an amusement park and having a companion join you at the suggestion of the wildest, hairiest, and craziest ride in the park rather than being overwhelmed with excuses, doubts, and fears that underwhelm your sense of adventure.

In the same vein, there are opportunities and possibilities that look so far out, the much that you have contemplated about the achievable that at face value seems impossibly unattainable, you are met with opposition and repudiation, your judgement questioned, your sanity reviewed, as not one facet of belief, encouragement, or support presents towards your apparently crazy idea.

Expect all the opposition

The keenness of your vision is given a bludgeoning black eye as you reel at the stiff rejection, no one is even ready to consider the ride, in fact, they leave the amusement park altogether and you are left to consider if that visit is worth staying for, for the thrill that got you there in the first place, or you just yield to the counsel of the unpersuaded, probably never to attempt that adventurous inclination again.

You wonder about how to reach, believe, and work against the grain of the familiar and trusted acolytes to who you offer the honour of participation. You are known and they think that they do know and that is not immaterial. Yet, you know there are areas where uniquely different thoughts, purposes, insights, and goals have led you to experiences that needed a dash of exceptionalism that challenges received wisdom.

We rise with surprise

For that, I have considered that introspection with circumspection is a discipline of discretion, for all that is assumed, you know your own temperament and outlook, the things that feed your earnest and deepest desires without which you are doing much less than the best possible. Do the outwardly essential, but never lose sight of the dream that never gets screened on a public projection to an audience.

Blog - Walking in the dreams of your mind

That journey is usually not clearly mapped, and the destination is frequently misunderstood, but the arrival when told is a marvel to behold, as even you wonder how everything worked out so well. One can live in the mysteries of the unfathomable, we are sometimes within the grasp of it if we choose beyond the mundane and average. When there is no further place to fall, you rise.

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