Saturday 9 October 2021

From hopeless to hopeful

We have a bed for you

18 nights before, I arrived dying, in pain and hopelessly unaware of the seriousness of my condition. Tentatively, I had just one change of underwear but no inkling of what might ensue. From what my GP (General Practitioner) and the medical personnel saw, my condition was grave necessitating immediate admission to the hospital. It is from that assessment that Tuesday morning that the statement, “We have a bed for you upstairs,” met the urgency for action on my situation.

Much as I wanted the security and safety of the crenelations of my home, I was in no fit state to be at home except if I had a death wish. Over the period of time as I pined to return home, tests, biopsies, treatments, a course of chemotherapy, pills, suppositories, injections and unfortunately utterly tasteless food triggering emesis had done their bit, the last hurdle to clear was after-discharge care.

Before you go home

They needed a nurse to visit me at home daily to dress the fungating tumour lesions and assess my welfare. Until that was settled, I was going nowhere. Marcella had offered to have me stay with her, she already had her own ordeal with cancer and wonderful as that offer was, I just wanted to go back home to my own bed.

On Friday the 9th of October 2009, I was discharged from the hospital, I bid my ward colleagues and the nurses goodbye and called a taxicab to take me home. To the quiet, the serenity, the comfort and the security of my own place where I could either rest, ponder, or be tormented by what future lay ahead of me. It was the beginning of my new life.

Getting to tell better stories

These blogs twelve years on from when I had to go hospital for the treatment of HIV presenting as full-blown AIDS with the opportunistic infection and cancer of Kaposi’s sarcoma are as I recall what has become part of the story of my life before I have gone to review the blogs I wrote on those particular days. My hope is that whatever we might be going through, we eventually get to tell better stories.

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