Monday 15 February 2021

Blogging with a voice that explains

Now with a little more

For all my blogging, I am beginning to realise I fall at the hurdle of completeness. Beyond what is written, there are times I am asked to give some background, a backstory, an exposition, or the source of inspiration for what I have written.

Unlike having a well of water where you can go to draw and fetch a pail of water when needed, I do not essentially have an inspiration well from which to set off on creative excess nor can I say I have a muse per se. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, triggered by events, observations, conversation, reading, I really cannot say.

There are times an inconsequential word has seeded a blog, then others where a multitude of events simply elicits a throwaway tweet of under 280 characters. There is no method and there is no template.

Podcasts on a trial

However, after a conversation pertaining to my last blog, I was inspired to consider a podcast, something like a director’s commentary just to give context in ways that writing will not do just. My raspy voice not suited to broadcasting should itself attract critique and criticism rather than praise, yet, I cannot deny my voice.

It makes me wonder if in time, I will have prologues, epilogues, running commentaries, read-throughs, synopses, or anything I could put my voice to without causing too much embarrassment to myself. I guess now is the best time to introduce my first podcast, The Director’s Cut.

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