Saturday 20 February 2021

All in a weekend

On a binge

My weekend for relaxation is spent watching television if I am not preoccupied with playing around with my computer network test lab that I have not been inspired to attempt much with, in the recent past weeks.

That I find crime investigation programmes interesting is one thing, but in these series are a deeper analysis of human nature, pathology, inclination, persuasion, motive, intentions, or just the plain goodness of humanity that brings a tear to the ear. My emotions run the whole nine yards.

Channel 5 offers my servings and courses of Murder, She Wrote, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU), Columbo, and NCIS. On BBC, I will probably catch up on Death in Paradise or some documentary.

Watching and praying

Whilst many of the plots are apparently fictional depictions, I am sometimes just shocked at things that people can conceive that become crimes, usually murder. A conundrum is presented and brains that have schemed to conceal an act are pitted against brains gathered to unravel the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Watching Law & Order: SVU just now, nothing is fascinating about finding helpless children abandoned in a cage just after one episode where a teenager was sentenced for a hate crime against a transgender person – between pushing and grabbing, taunts, and a fall, she dies. They all died and for any sense of justice to be served, there must be someone, persons, or institutions to hold accountable.

My weekend continues and Whoopi Goldberg is in her element, or maybe I could be doing something else.

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