Friday 14 February 2020

Brian, My Funniest Valentine

Brian with an I and I
Like a dream, I never thought I’ll dream,
I have smiled wider than ever dared I could,
We played like children often do daydream,
With my Valentine, I am good.
I did wonder, if ever this could be,
Then before me, this beauty really stood,
But I feared, it couldn’t be for me,
Felt my Valentine, too good.
To my hearing, some lips did say hello,
Too astounded, to think it was to me,
Then I looked up, could this be Romeo?
Dreamy Valentine, I could see.
From that moment, I’ve lived a fantasy,
Fun and laughter, this loving is so fine,
In each other, we’ve found deep ecstasy,
My funny Valentine is mine.

Our song, he gets so emotional when he hears this song.
I remember the other Valentine blogs I have written all until I found my amazingly, handsome, beautiful, funny Valentine.
Happy Valentine, my love.
Blog - To My Funny Valentine

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