Sunday 8 December 2019

Celebrating 16 Years - Brian Jenkins' commemorative blog

Two weeks ago, in one of our conversations, I told my dearest Brian that the 16th anniversary of my blog is coming up and I would like him to write something for me to publish on my blog to celebrate the day.
Reticent and shy, sometimes unsure of his articulacy, he hesitated but in passing kept to mind the anniversary and self-deprecatingly suggested he couldn’t do much worth publishing.
However, well ahead of schedule, I received an email written to celebrate the day, in which he expressly said was not for publication, but as you read his piece, you will notice it was written in the context of something to be published. His honest flowing prose with innocent flair shines through.
I had to go back to Brian to ask if I could publish this as it was just too good to be kept between us. On the advice of another friend, she suggested it be given the pride of place as the sole blog of commemoration.
It does me the great pleasure to have my partner, my boyfriend, and my love to do the honour of this anniversary blog below. Thank you, Brian, love you so dearly.
Making A Connection
Every day we meet different people in different situations and places, but there are some people we meet who are just exceptional and make a deep impression on our lives. It has been said before that when we meet someone for the first time it is only within a few seconds that we would have already decided on whether we will like that person or not.
Meeting Akin for the first time is a story I could describe in so many delightful ways, it was like something scripted for a movie scene, but that is a story for another day.
I couldn’t believe this man was talking with me. I was so fascinated by all he had to say, instantly I was captivated. All the noise and distractions in the background of that night couldn’t distract my focus and attention on him but as the night came to its end and we exchanged contact details and I remember thinking at that moment we would just become emailing friends and eventually forget each other.
We made plans to meet up for lunch the following day, being the gentleman that he is he honoured his word, we met for lunch but my departure back to Zimbabwe was scheduled for later that evening, I couldn’t get it out my head that I might never get to see this man again.
Spending that afternoon together I clearly remember just listening to him speak to me, it felt so spellbinding, I had never met a real person like this who can motivate, inspire and encourage another soul like this man before my eyes, a man who can make you realise things from a different perspective is an exceptional man. When the hours grew into days and we had gone our separate ways, still, it became undeniably clear that our connection had to be of pure divine intervention.
Discovering the Person
We kept constant communication via various channels, video calling became a new thing for me. Talking for hours on end and in talking with Akin, for those who know him, will know that Akin is a man of great depth, one of the very few good ones remaining, and I am blessed to know him.
With a great interest in getting to know more about Akin’s life story by just listening to him speak or by simply reading all about him through his blogs. It does not take long to appreciate that his story is the stuff bestsellers are made of, surviving cancer - the challenges and the triumphs, his views about life, in general, are so very insightful, which only leaves one even more inspired to want to become a better person.
It may only be a short time that I have come to know Akin, discovering his blogs, I look forward to reading what is on his mind his topics are always interesting and he presents it with such panache, one can only become habituated.
Over the past sixteen years, Akin had documented his life’s journey and experiences with great eloquence, and it is admirable, to say the least. I am positively sure even far before this electronic recording Akin has much more recorded resources out there that can be found that will be of even more great interest to share of his life, his thoughts, and experiences.
The more I read Akin’s blogs, the more I get to realise the man that he is, smart, caring, selfless, intelligent and knowing just how to use the wisdom he has received, also he has a great ability to impart that wisdom to others around him and that is purely astounding.
The strength of a man is in his heart, and his courage is gained by his confidence.
Discovering Akin’s blogs ignited a fresh renewal on my perspectives. I can only wish for you Akin, much more blessings and success as you continue to impart to those around you and to those who come to know you, the wisdom and knowledge you have and continue to inspire in us and give a positive outlook of life events and everything surrounding us.
I for one, I have truly been blessed, inspired, motivated and encouraged by you, and wish those who know you, and those who will come to know you get to learn much more from the experiences you share. You have a gift and it is worth sharing.
May you continue to receive more blessings, more wisdom and knowledge and may you never tire to share and enlighten those around you. I look forward to one day reading the book that you will one day publish.

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Steve B said...

An excellent and highly thoughtful and lovely write up . Well done Brian and well done Akin, more grease to your elbows with your foreward thinking blog and don't let no one dampen your spirit with their negativity as the Americans say.

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