Monday 27 May 2019

Love is an urgency in a lifetime of cherished moments

Never grow old in your outlook
Listening to the radio the other day, I chanced upon a conversation with women of a certain age who had decided they would live their lives to the full. I was encouraged by how their youthful thinking honed to acuity by a lifetime of experience gave them a perspective of courage, daring, and adventure.
Even though well above 70, they were looking forward to life, living, happiness, enjoyment, and fulfilment. It reminded me of the couple I bought my apartment from in Amsterdam in 2001. They had lived in Eindhoven for 25 years and as they clocked 70, they bought an apartment off the plan and then came to live in Amsterdam for just over 3 years.
Look for new experiences always
Realising they needed a quieter environment to retire to, they in their mid-70s sold their apartment in Amsterdam and bought an apartment in a riverside nursing home in Arnhem. I was just taken by the youthfulness of that kind of thinking. They could have lived out their days in Eindhoven, but they embarked on an adventure and enriched their lives considerably.
Back to the radio show, one of the ladies in the conversation was Isabel Allende and she said she is always being asked the question, “How do you fall in love at 76?” I believe her answer was, “Like 26, but with a little more urgency.”
I got that message loud and clear, I understood it fully as I have circumstances in my own life where an amazing love has entered my existence and given me a feeling I can never say I have had before.
Live the moments to the fulness
Urgency is not necessarily rushing into things blindly, rather, it is bringing to bear knowledge, experience, understanding, and appreciation. You are at a point where you have clarity about what heretofore you might not have known you were looking for. Much as you can understand the caution and reticence of friends, only you can know if you have found it and when you have, grow it, nurture it and embrace it.
The gift of life we have is there for the moments, it is from the moments that we create a tapestry of life, stories of heart to heart, soul to soul and the unique bond that is obvious to the lovers whilst somewhat invisible, misunderstood or baffling to others. Like in the song at the top of the blog, it says, “People search a lifetime to find what we have.”
For what I have found, whilst for some, the grass might well be greener on the other side, it also hides the snakes better. Yes, I found love, I have put in a little urgency and I am living for the amazing moments we share. Brian is the love of my life.
With a little more urgency,
Quite close to an emergency,
The thoughts do wonder,
As one should well ponder,
If life just happens or it is a chance.
To fall in love is good,
Amongst the things I could,
For chance brought us close,
That I swoon in overdose,
To love that has me in a trance.
With you, I find purpose,
I am ready to see how it goes,
This I seek for a lifetime,
To be together for all time,
For you caught me from the first glance.

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