Wednesday 6 February 2019

The way you make me smile

Juggling words to give meaning to how I feel,
Is my mind at work to express and reveal,
For a moment comes in time and place,
Where one person does take centre place.
Your priorities are suddenly rearranged,
Making the space for what has changed,
Your loyalties you promptly realign,
Everyone else now has to fall in line.
To that one needs not preach a homily,
It’s redefining the context of my family,
I have entered this quite solemnly,
The occasion warrants some honesty.
The dawn breaks to the sweetest messages,
To which I respond with funny passages,
My day started to the fun of encouragement,
Then closes with a lengthy engagement.
I find myself now under obligation,
In response to my deepest emotion,
To guard my heart with the utmost vigilance,
As I am now lost in this crazy romance.
These things are borne of moments sublime,
For which could last quite a lifetime,
Daily we work on building a relationship,
That creates the very best of friendship.

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