Friday 1 February 2019

A February of love

Moments are what we have to share,
In those, we found to really care,
Whether they are near or far,
We sought ways beyond the bar.
The world for us became small,
Like we see each other down the hall,
In Skype, we chat, we laugh, we smile,
As conversation goes on for a while.
Soon after, a promise I made,
In my mind, so many plans laid,
We agreed on time and place,
To meet at Easter, face to face.
The craze that drew us close,
How it comes one never knows,
To sweep you off your feet,
This feeling is just so sweet.
A love that dare not speak its name,
That one must not bear in shame,
Cannot be denied of a heart that beats,
We must be bold with no retreats.
For in life, what is your normal?
In some places, we can make it formal,
Some people are just unconventional,
Even you might be exceptional.
For love, let us make no apology,
Or seek strange terminology,
Whether others accept your choices,
Determines where they will have voices.

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