Friday 30 June 2017

Folate, I must, lactate, I can't

A 'Don't Worry' Call
A couple of days ago, I saw a message on my phone. The doctor's surgery had called with a message from the hospital, I was to contact the surgery for a chat, but it was nothing serious for me to be concerned about.
There is a psychology to delivering news pertaining to health, and as long as it does not appear to be a life-threatening emergency requiring immediate action, they do well to allay your fears.
So, I called the surgery yesterday morning, where the conversation revolved around calling in to see the doctor for another few check-ups but for the fact that we could not find suitable scheduling since I spent the weekdays working in Scotland.
My lifelong gestation
The alternative was to have a quick chat to the doctor and see how things go from there. A few minutes later, the doctor picked up the phone and the conversation pertained to the results of the blood tests from the HAND analysis I did last month.
Then, the consultant ordered a battery of blood work to eliminate possible and manageable causes of my perceived short-term memory issues and attendant matters.
Apparently, I have Folic Acid Deficiency Anaemia, Folic Acid which is Vitamin B9 is also somewhat related to Vitamin B12. These two vitamins are essential to forming red blood cells, they help nerves function properly, Folic Acid is also essential in forming genetic material in every body cell, hence enabling perfect replication.
Knowing the reason why I forget to remember
Now, my knowledge of the use of Folic Acid supplements was for terms of pregnancy and though I have never seen my own period since before I ever knew what they were, I did wonder.
However, the deficiency explained the tiredness, insomnia, the occasional lethargy and the forgetfulness that I had highly compensated for through aide memoires, double-checking and reticence in proclaiming logical conclusions at work. That the cause could be dietary was also worrisome. I am working away from home and hence have no luxury of home cooking.
To make amends, I have to introduce cereals fortified with vitamins into my diet and I will consider supplements, yet I must be careful at over 50 not to run in excess of my daily allowance.
In three months we'll have some bloodwork done to ascertain if the deficiency has been remediated. I may not naturally lactate, but I must folate to keep well.

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