Thursday 13 August 2015

Thought Picnic: Just like a baby, I have not talked

Should we have talked?
I have a compendium of blogs that serve not only as reference material, but time capsules of a situation or state of mind when I wrote those pieces.
Those blogs are somewhat journals of my discomfiture and sense of discomfort, betrayal, annoyance or some other ill feeling that I have decided to write about to help me deal with the issue at hand.
Sometimes, I do wonder if some of those things will have been better dealt with if I had addressed the people concerned directly.
Just like a baby I could not talk
Then I realise that though I could quite bold and forthcoming in some situations, in others I could as shy as to become literally dumb that my only outlet becomes my blog.
Yet, in writing that blog, it becomes a very cerebral exercise, rarely one in which ones spleen is vented with vehemence but something that I attempt to with a sense of English reserve, cryptic enough not to be direct and obvious enough as to make the point.
I’ve been hurt, aggrieved, maligned, belittled, disrespected and abused by too many to mention, some so close as fraternal, maternal and in the clan, the offences rarely dwell on my mind but things can be recalled with a trigger, at a confluence of circumstances sometimes completely unrelated and yet quite palpable.
For silence is still golden
There are reasons why I ignore many things, it is because I do have enough on my plate even if others do not realise that I have my one unique circumstance though I might not have the same kind of responsibilities we should all bear our burdens stoically with dignity and self-respect.
I then went over one of those blogs written over 6 years ago and realised that a very recent interaction of sorts brought to life an unresolved conflict and there are many of those lurking in memory, ensconced in a dangerous pressure-cooker situation that once again for the fact that a lot can be said, the wiser counsel is that silence is golden except for when another blog of obfuscation can be written to assuage the unrest.
There is a certain sentiment expressed in the video, maybe we should talk for a minute.

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