Saturday 4 July 2015

The plumber calls

Boiler leaks
The opening of a closet in my apartment revealed a mess I could do without, somewhere around my immersion heater boiler water had leaked onto the base soiling too many things and creating quite a stink.
Unaware of where exactly the leak was coming from the first thought was to electrically isolate the boiler to forestall the possibility of electrocution.
Having done that, I took out a few cardboard boxes and some other material that all had to go to the recycle bin and then I got a few towels to soak up the water. I literally got two buckets of water from the spillage and contemplated what next to do.
I found a cold water tap leading into the boiler and turned it off not knowing it was the water feed to the whole apartment. I only learnt this when I called the concierge realising there was no water supply to the cold water taps as I drained the boiler of hot water.
Why this?
He then explained how the water system works, the cold water inlet feeds into the boiler where the colder water settles at the bottom and the heated water rises to the top, I could still not say for sure how it all worked.
Somehow the overflow system had been messed up and that was why there was a leak and I was advised to inform the agents of the landlord of the problem which should be solved as soon as possible.
So, I sent an email to the agency and within an hour I received a response that the plumber will be available in the afternoon. It was going to be a lady.
And fixed
When the plumber finally arrived, it was a man and his apprentice sidekick, the lady stayed in the van. Though this did not stop me for quipping about the gender confusion making the news lately, to which is smirked and laughed.
He checked the boiler and found that the ballcock, and that is a real plumbing engineering part was not working closing off the water when the boiler filled up. Besides, this he noticed that the inlet pipe should have been placed higher than overflow pipe, but they were placed at the same level, hence the leak.
The ballcock was replaced and the problem solved, I wrung the towels dry and then set up a fan to dry up the cupboard overnight.
This was all done in the space of 3 hours and I was happy.

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