Monday 20 July 2015

Childhood: Mr Piper

I remember
The advent of the Internet has somewhat meant that no knowledge of my exciting childhood will be left incomplete.
Times that memories of decades gone float back like eerie clouds into my mind, I only having an aspect good enough to research for and obtain the old and today, I had such to bring to completion.
When we lived in Jos in the early 1970s, we finally got a black-and-white television in 1974 and one children’s show that I remember from that time was Mr. Piper.
The theme song was quite melodic and the only that was clearest in my mind of the song was, ‘In my stories and in my songs’, the rest was a jumble with a tune that I never really got to know until today.
Completing the knowledge
So, today, I found out that Mr. Piper was a Canadian children’s television series made in 1963 that became popular in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s. The lyrics of the theme song like pieces of a half-completed jigsaw found and put in place.
Come with me,
Come and see,
All the wonders there will be
In my stories and in my songs,
And everywhere where fun belongs.
You’ll meet heroes, giants bold,
Visit lands both hot and cold,
With magic tricks to shiver your skin,
Laughs galore with animals in
My world of fun —
Pied Piper’s Home
And to complete the circle of recall, an episode of the Mr. Piper.

1963-Mr Piper Show - Hasty and The Princess

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Cookie said...

My son is 32 years old and I had a VHS tape of a Mr. Piper's take on Hansel and Gretel type story that he used to watch about 100 times. So he was born in 1988 and this was an old video for us. To this day I can still hear the theme song in my head (bc we played it so much) but I never knew all the words. Crazy. So glad I saw your blog!

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