Tuesday 17 February 2015

Thought Picnic: The anger of dreams in precis

Dream a biggie
Dreams are an interesting window on the subconscious, having the ability to reveal strengths and expose weaknesses.
There are things that can never be done in real life that a person may acquire a Matrix-like simulated reality ability to do with ease, in dreams. Speak languages, do feats of superhuman strength, acquire knowledge, solve problems, all limited by the capacity of the mind for imagination.
Dream a little
However, where weaknesses are exposed, the signs are debilitating, like lights not coming on when the switch is flicked, a slurring of the speech when one is fighting a case or the absence of coordinated strength when flipping out in annoyance or anger.
This apparent weakness usually witnessed by other dramatis personae in the dream is quite humiliating, as actions cannot seem to follow the good intentions. In the mind of the dreamer a sense of futility looms, characteristic of failed ambition and with that, fear might take hold.
It is at this point that the only sensible thing to do is to snap out of that dream, possibly by waking up and reflecting on how there might be another time to be equipped to do better.

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