Monday 10 December 2012

9 years of blogging but I forgot

I forgot to remember
I should have written this two days ago but I seem to have forgotten to remember what I have usually celebrated with a blog.
I read the other day that the best way to always remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once – I suppose the reason for that is one will not hear the last of it.
Discovery in Berlin
It was out in Berlin on a Monday morning having watched the news in my hotel room on this new phenomenon called blogging that I decided to start a blog.
When I was young, I never liked to write, at least that was in primary school, it felt like a rotten chore – I was asked to write letters that I was not comfortable with writing and I never regained the inclination to write again until when I was a few years into secondary school.
Entering a writing competition, I came second and then I was involved in forming a press club though my attention to detail suffered especially where Nigerians are not as forgiving in their critique of whatever you have to say especially if they can find a good ad hominem angle to attack you from.
Then I did some writing under the pen name of Who Else when I was at Yaba College of Technology, which I posted in front of the dining hall having written my piece with a marker pen on A2 paper sizes of drawing paper.
My real marriage
Blogging became the great outlet, the forum to express varied views some so controversial but done with the best intentions and deepest convictions – we have to come to a point where we are no more afraid to speak our minds.
In celebrating 9 years of blogging [from the 8th of December 2003], this has lasted longer than my many intimate or fleeting relationships; it has become a marriage, one of vows where I have been so mortified for forgetting our anniversary.
For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to have and to cherish, one can say till death do us part, my blog has been a companion, constant, listening, accepting, forgiving, encouraging, disputing and agreeing, the broadest shoulders to cry on and my contact with people far and near.
Thank you to all you my readers who have read, cared, shared, commented and sustained me in times when I felt I had no other hope or way out – I have been able to extend myself beyond what I could ever have imagined when I wrote the very first blog.
To the next 9 of days, of months, of years and can I dare to say of decades too? In gratitude and great thankfulness – My blog and my stories.


Rose said...

It's been a pleasure reading your Blog Akin, happy Anniversary and yes a toast to the next 9 years to come


Akin Akintayo said...

Thank you very much,
The system for processing comments was down for a while, I have only just sorted it out.

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