Friday 13 April 2012

Thought Picnic: No more home in a short while

Change has come
The job looks impossible but we have reached what might be termed the inevitable. After almost 10 and a half years in my home by the end of the month, it would have been become part of my history.
I never really did much to my home, it was ready to live in when I bought it and it was hardly 3 years after its being built that I bought it off a couple who in their 70s had bought the place off a plan and were leaving here to move into another new apartment by the river down south where they could get much help with their daily lives.
I thought to myself then that I would love to be able to make decisions redolent of youthfulness just as these people did then. I am reminded more each time to try and retain a sense of youthfulness and a youthful outlook in whatever circumstances I find myself even though it can be a rather hard task.
Packing up
This morning, I had help from friends to purchase and collect packing boxes to pack decades of life and maybe offering the opportunity of divestment of stuff.
Not much of this was planned for and I do not know what lays ahead but hope for the future and possibly the chance to start all over again – the first box is packed and sealed – it is full of books.
The wines going back over 15 years, the shoes too many for two feet, the clothes like a shop for the masses – all these need sorting through and arranged into what should be kept, what should be given away and what is not needful that can be given away – it will be a process of disconnection so as to avoid distraction – Life!

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Adeolu said...

When will i make a decision like this? That's what came into my mind after reading this. Are you moving to another house or leaving Holland? All the best.

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