Wednesday 11 January 2012

My friend, a man, a brother and much more - Happy Birthday

This friend is different
No story told of me will ever be complete without including him. Any life story without friends is a story that has not even begun.
Then amongst friends there is one; different, separate, unusual – holding a place that words have yet to be found to describe, it is more than sight, more than hearing, it is of hearts that people wonder why and can never understand.
It is not for others to understand, but it is for us to cherish and for me to celebrate, honour and declare – my secrets; he knows, my fears; he shares, he stands tall amongst all men and with him we know we have each other’s ears and minds.
Nature would not have allowed him to be my big-brother, by happenstance he could have been my half-brother, by the wonders of science today, maybe even my twin-brother but any which way he sticks closer than a brother in a covenant of a life of shared and varied experiences.
Adventurous at heart, daring at times that I am just blown away, caring that even with the distance his voice is like a hug in times when one is needed – and those times have been many over a period of almost 28 years.
Today marks another milestone, another one of my birthday card blogs to those who matter too much to me to ever be silent about it.
Once again – Happy Birthday, my dearest friend – may wonderful amazing things fill your days with beauty that makes you gasp, freshness that makes you smile and a naughty tickling that makes you laugh that your ribs almost ache. You are loved beyond what I can dare to express.
Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

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