Monday 2 January 2012

Incredible India - Homeward Bound

Daring and going
The hour has come and the quest to rescue my professional clout is in full swing as I look into 2012 and see the opportunity to leave the long tail of cancer behind and assume the exciting journey of being the best I can be in endeavour I undertake.
It was a bold and daring decision to launch out from the comfort of Europe to the uncharted by own standards land of India. I choice I so resolutely made and executed within a month of its conception and it has resulted in a month of intensive course, new knowledge and unforgettable life experiences.
I observe and write
Indeed, I took the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences between what I already knew and what I was observing be it on the streets of New Delhi, on my travels to Agra and even at the Koenig Solutions the outfit that provided my training.
Maybe I was difficult, maybe I was pernickety, even facetious and quite pedantic but being frank and honest is a worthy standard to aspire to.
And so after a month in India, I leave with memories, new friendships, ideas and goals. A desire to return, a wanting to explore and yearning to appreciate the larger expanse of Asia at a later date.
Gratitude and thanks
We are close to the completion of the intended goals and ready to meet the new challenges stoically and boldly with the assurance that nothing is beyond the realm of dreams and what can be dreamt is conceptually within grasp.
It has been Incredible India for me and a chapter is written already about my sometimes ordinary and sometimes incredible life, I am thankful despite other misgivings to the staff at Koenig Inn (Mahendra and Rakesh get special mention) and my trainers Karteek Parsad and Sonam Gupta (Sorry, that is just the way things are, I write and whatever concerns me gets written about.)
I hope they all do well and prosper as they have in their little and large ways help me in my quest.
Bye for now, Incredible India.

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