Thursday 10 February 2011

Please support PACT - Prevent Abuse of Children Today

Please support this cause

In July 2010, I wrote a blog titled On the rise of juvenile witchcraft stigmatisations published simultaneously on where yesterday a comment was posted on the work of PACT (Prevent Abuse of Children Today).

I generally do not promote causes but this is one that must not escape the publicity and activism it requires to save helpless innocent children from societal evils exacerbated by superstition and flawed religious doctrinal practices.

The comment left on my blog is published below and I enjoin you to support the cause. I have visited their websites and can see that the work they are involved in is useful and commendable.

Thank you.

Make a PACT: Prevent Abuse of Children Today in Nigeria

PACT (Prevent Abuse of Children Today) is a global campaign established by the UK-based child rights charity, Stepping Stones Nigeria and their Nigerian partner organisations. The aim of PACT is to bring long-term positive social change to vulnerable children in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, particularly those at risk of witchcraft accusations, abuse and trafficking.

With high levels of malnutrition, poverty, persistent violent conflicts and disease, increasing numbers of children in the Niger Delta are being forced to the streets putting them at risk of abuse, rape and trafficking.

Witchcraft is often seen as the source of problems within Nigerian society with vulnerable children being the group most at risk of witchcraft accusations. Children stigmatised as witches face abandonment by their families and communities, torture, public humiliation, disgrace and even murder.

To help end this terrible abuse we urge you to stand with us to Prevent Abuse of Children Today. There are lots of ways for you to get involved with the campaign, in particular signing our PACT, holding events and writing letters. Visit our website to sign the PACT and help us spread the word.

Together, we are fighting for a time when all children in the Niger Delta are free from physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse and their rights are fully upheld. With your help, we can make this vision a reality.

For more information about the PACT campaign please visit

To find out more about Stepping Stones Nigeria, please visit

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