Wednesday 5 December 2007

Words of Mean Dithering (WMD)

Wanton Misuse of Data (WMD)

No greater ruse has been made of the situation that America and its cajoled allies believe that Iran has a nuclear weapons programme even though there is no proof that their nuclear energy programme is directed toward non-oil energy sufficiency.

Bluster and threats along with seemingly unjustifiable UN sanctions on a country whose enmity with America is more deep-seated than any would let on.

The way in which America has almost railroaded the world in a possible World War III with all sorts of ideas about America or Israel bombing Iranian nuclear installations and hoping to walk away scot free is nothing sort of despicable diplomacy if one is allowed to juxtapose those words.

War Mongering Deserters (WMD)

A new assessment report has completely taken the wind out of the sails of the hawks who monger for war completely oblivious of the trouble they still have to contain in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An interview with Helmut Schmidt - one-time Chancellor of West Germany - on CNBC Europe (video) a few days ago ended with a very profound statement – it takes a man who knows nothing about the great tragedy and suffering of war to start a war. Sometimes it is good to listen to what the leaders of old have to say of the world today. Herr Schmidt also brought to bear his training in Economics on the global financial issues of the day, people had better pay some heed to those words too.

Whispers of Missed Documentation (WMD)

However, back to the matter of Iran being suspected of having a nuclear weapons programme and being sanctioned as if they have developed full capability coupled all the terrifying messages coming out of the White House and Israel with the support of the EU through the UK, France and Germany – a new US National Intelligence Estimate which is by all means the collation of all strands of intelligence from 16 agencies into some sort of conclusion debunks the angst and foreboding of the President by saying Iran might have aborted their nuclear weapons programme since 2003.

The question or fairness, probity, truthfulness and even moral rectitude comes to the fore because if the United States and its allies have exacted tough measures through the UN on Iran without the backing of facts and just cause; ones sympathies would almost definitely lie with Iran.

Imagine, we have the Mess-O-Potamia because of perceived Weapons of Mass Destruction that had long been in abeyance in Iraq – it was not just a case of false pretence it was doctored to achieve a particular end and when we gained untrammelled access to the country not one of the weapons or installations was found.

Working for Motherland Defence (WMD)

Now, Iran does operate secret programmes just like any other country and the intelligence community was caught unawares with the India/Pakistan nuclear dabbling whilst Iran still contends that it does not have a nuclear weapons programme.

The fact that the onus of proof is made to lie with Iran in this contention rather than the accusers who have postulated, imagined, assumed, supposed and opined about what they think Iran is up to is a difficult spot for Iran. The truth is that we do not know the whole truth about anything Iran. Israel or the United States are up to.

Worst Moral Debate (WMD)

What is more annoying about the response to the report is the way America and its allies have tried to burnish the report by saying more pressure should be applied on Iran to abandon nuclear enrichment which primarily is for energy purposes and then portending that if Iran gains full knowledge of the nuclear cycle they would pass it on to others – read terrorists – this just not fair. The mantra continues that ifIran stopped the programm, they could start it again - Come on, guys!

For instance, with the hysteria that accompanies the taking of fluids onto airplanes, there are instances where the right quantity of urine and toilet disinfectant can create noxious fumes – carrying the dual-purpose argument that is used to terrify us about Iran to a conclusion - should we now be barred from using the lavatories on an airplane because of those possibilities?

Win Moderation with Diplomacy (WMD)

Whilst, I am concerned about Iran acquiring the technology requisite for the weaponisation of nuclear products, I do not think this unfair, unjust, undiplomatic and untruthful hypocritical approach to a critical global issue would yield the desired result of slowing Iran down if they do indeed decide to veer towards nuclear weapons.

It is time for Mr. Bush and his friends to take the facts for what they are and depart from the delusions, the deceptions and predictions of a World War III; they should cut Iran some slack in recognition, respect, cordiality and cooperation – this them-and-us approach to conflict resolution continues to threaten global peace and makes right-thinking people reticent of any moves to review, contain, intercept or destroy probable threats, especially real ones.

Wrongdoings Made Disgraceful (WMD)

If one thing is taken from this report, it would be that the onus has now shifted to the accusers to prove their claims and provide incontrovertible evidence before they can garner the support to impose unjust sanctions on Iran.

Meanwhile, an apology might well be due to Iran, it does not mean America and Iran should kiss and makeup, but it might just restore some moral authority to the big-bully superpower for once.

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