Thursday 10 August 2006

Attack your castle

Down South with down talk

This is short; I was out in Valkenburg, a city in the deep south of the Netherlands which lays claim to being the first city to have a railway station and a tourist office in the Netherlands.

There was a lot to see and I did take a lot of photographs to be unveiled in the not too distant future.

Some of the tourist attractions include the castle ruins and networks of caves that are supposed to serve as a nuclear shelter and so on.

What really grates me as we have seen on African Shirts is why people in tourism do not employ good translators to translate information properly into other languages.

This sign in particular makes interesting reading.

Wreck your castle

Here I am, in castle ruins reading about fortifications for the castle only to find the rulers attacked their own castle from the city side – well, why give the enemy the pleasure of destroying your castle when you can do it yourself.

Someone definitely has been tampering with the tourist fare of Valkenburg, have I been duped?

Besides, I was later assaulted with a variant of English that was so bad, it was entertaining.

[The Dutch part of the notice does talk about enemies attacking the castle]

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