Wednesday 24 May 2006

Advertising death to the living

Beauty care forever

On my way to work each morning, there is a sign that juts out onto the road from a lamppost with the name Barbara, well could easily be the local beauty shop where you can get a facial, a manicure and pedicure, I thought to myself.

On closer inspection, the smaller print indicates you might as well get the beauty treatment, but it is for a one-time show till you are put away for eternity.

The small lettering spells out uitvaartcentrum pronounced {Out-veart-centrom}, which to Johnnie Foreigner would look like three words indicating a going out with speed centre than a funeral home.

That is fine in terms of the casual morbidity that one might experience every now and then, as one strives to live to the full and care less of the pitfalls.

Bus me to heaven

However, I could not ignore a more bizarre situation when whilst wait for a bus this morning a bus fully bedecked with an advertisement cruised by – catching point – a very happy looking smiling young girl with flowers around her _ the bliss of spring beckoning summer, I think to myself.

Looks like her name is Barbara – wait a minute – the funeral home has put an advert on the bus – if that is not spooky, well, I suppose you cannot beat the Dutch when it comes to marketing regardless of the product or service.

The business logic is, you advertise death to the living, nothing close to letting the dead bury their dead.

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