Friday 14 April 2006

Same Sex Marriage gets read the Riot Act in Nigeria

This is my substantial comment on the first reading of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act in Nigeria related to a blog on Naijablog.
Bugger did it
This is a very difficult matter and probably too difficult for the educated "elite" to appreciate.
One striking difference between the West and our "African" culture is this.
My parents are now in their mid to last 60s, when they studied in England, the worst thing you could call anyone was a "bugger".
It was viewed as and looked upon as the most despicable and disgusting thing of paedophiliac abuse not the love and victimless sexual acts between 2 men.
That informs many ideas that generation has of homosexuality.
So, imagine the furore that would be caused by outing yourself to your parents in Nigeria rather than indigene Western parents in Europe.
In fact, it is literally unmentionable.
Condemning Homosexuality and embracing inhospitality
As for the religious fervour against homosexuality, the 2 times Jesus mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah he was specifically talking about hospitality - that however, in those times might have been expressed as emasculation through some homosexual act.
The bigger challenge is for these religionists to learn the power of love by addressing what they find abhorrent with accommodation, tolerance and mercy.
No, they have taken the easier path, castigate and condemn the homosexual, highlight their supposed moral weakness and assuage your lack of charity by purporting to speak up for the moral majority.
In the end, the people who probably need the religious house the most are the most alienated from it.
Swing for skewed votes
Besides this, morality is somewhat a vote winner even if it does nothing appreciable for the way we are governed.
The 10 of the 11 swing states in the US where gay marriage was on the ballot with the presidential election in 2004 went to Bush.
The Democrats were caught napping and Karl Rove won the day.
Untrammelled rotten language on the floor
The bill is not good for Nigeria, but with no pressing desire to do the right thing about governance, leadership and solving real problems; the MPs have the opportunity to express themselves, out-doing each other with word-play, insult, innuendo and every imaginable unspeakable expression that would not be allowed on any other debating floor.
You will probably see Nigerian politicians at their worst because no objective debate can arise out the criminalisation of sexuality, people would contend about conscience even though they have no heart beating in their bosoms.
It is a black day in Nigeria; however, the vibrant if not bitchy Nigerian gay scene in West would just look on rather than fight lest they be singled out for flagellation and the dishonouring of their families back home.
The reality is homosexuality is about mankind not traditional values and Western influence, anyone anywhere can be homosexual – well say that to Bishop Akinola.
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