Wednesday 12 April 2006

Eureka! is Farsi for Enrichment

The science and the conscience
Now, I am beginning to wonder what the reaction of the United States would have been if Iran had announced that they had made a breakthrough in some other cutting-edge science like finding a cure for cancer, stem-cell research or cure for HIV. [1]
I could almost wager that the self-same Donald Rumsfeld would have appeared on the news-wires condemning Iran for trying to destabilise thriving American enterprise in drug research.
This would have create havoc in the markets because Big-Pharma suddenly finds that investors are no more interested in their block-buster drugs which burst the wallet and bring not respite, even so none for the mind.
The Nuclear Pandora box
My drift here is; Iran has unlocked for itself the science some countries in the world think is their exclusive right to know and practice.
Suddenly, I am beginning to appreciate the patriotism of the Pakistanis and Indians for allowing their scientists to complete all their research and test their nuclear bombs before America was alerted to that earth-shaking discovery.
The type of dissidents that dissembled in terms of Iraqi weapons are the sort that for self-interest and probably an iota of patriotism revealed to us the fact that Iran was going nuclear.
Mordecai Vanunu still vanquishes in jail in Israel for revealing in a thriving democracy that Israel had developed nuclear weapons.
Makes you wonder if democracy is really about freedoms or some other supposed greater good of the majority – we are learning.
The nuclear Pandora box was opened in the 1940s, it is fallacy to think that knowledge can be caged like battery hen – knowledge is a leviathan, arresting it is hard enough, talk less of taming it.
Impugning all fairness
In America, the issue of spying on Americans has another voice protesting – that of the government – that it was the most classified activity in National Security; agreed, but it also appears to be illegal.
A new slant of declassification is also emerging as we are informed that the president probably approved the process of uncovering a CIA operative – it reads thus – if the president decides to reveal classified information, as president, he has duly fulfilled the terms of declassification regardless of the consequences.
This impugns everything we would regard as fairness. We have to remember that everything about Iran developing nuclear weapons is circumstantial – They have not developed nuclear weapons, they have no nuclear weapons, they want nuclear energy to meet their energy means.
In some cases, diversifying energy profiles from complete dependence on oil is not only smart, it is strategic and adroit, and sometimes Americans would have wished they had that kind of leeway.
Nuclear or new dare
I am being am being an apologist for the Iranian political class, but seeing how besieged they are from Iraq, Afghanistan, the Security Council, American vituperation and the sponsorship of dissident voices within the country; an leadership would be in dereliction of duty if they have not charted the Iranian course of action.
Indeed, this development is dual-purpose, within the New World Order it might as well be better for Iran to veer to the right than to the left as the diagram shows.
From the BBC

The fixated American mindset about
Iran even though Iran protests to the contrary.
A smoke-screen for supercavitation?
Only last week, Iran tested an under-water missile which seems to have the makings of another break-through insupercavitation which some commentators believe was being tested when the Kursk submarine went under almost 6 years ago.
If this under-water high-speed torpedo is not nuclear powered, then I would say Iran is a long way ahead in securing its territory than we have imagined. Bully! To them.
Now, the markets are going wild with speculation about possible attacks on Iranian infrastructure, oil and gold are reaching new highs and American once again is about to turn the world upside-down with briefings, rhetoric, threats and more.
Sometimes, this dominant power is like some elephant sent into a china shop to do the window dressing – go figure!
Meanwhile – Eureka is Iranian for enrichment.

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