Comment advisory and guidelines

I am very grateful to readers who visit my blog and leave comments on the things I have written about. However, it is important that we have a few rules of engagement or guidelines as to what constitutes appropriate comments.

It is fundamentally important that comments be in context of the blog being commented on by helping, extending or giving perspective to the discourse.

I am not using comment moderation but rely on the SPAM detection mechanism of Google Blogger to automatically mark as SPAM irrelevant commentary.

In addition to this, I will mark as SPAM any seemingly genuine comment that makes references or contains URLs/links to commercial, offensive or pornographic material. Since I cannot edit comments to remove the chaff from the wheat the comment will NOT be published and will be deleted.

Generic comments which have no particular context may or may not be approved; it is left to the person leaving a comment to make their views worthwhile, worth accepting and worth publishing.

I cannot promise to respond to each and every comment but each comment posted within context becomes part of the discourse and is highly appreciated.
The rest is a basic comment advisory.

You are free to leave comments on my blogs as long as they are polite, reasoned and within the context of what I have written.

I will NOT entertain insults, abuse or expletives; your strength of emotion should be expressed without resorting to uncouth expression.

Since, it is my blog, I reserve the right to accept, review, edit without losing the context or delete the comment - if it does not meet standards of decent and polite discourse.

Finally, your comments cannot be anonymous, please give a name when leaving a comment, especially if you want a response or some action on my part.

[My blog offers the options to give an identity, I have accepted quite a few anonymous comments, the least you can do is sign off your comment, it makes it easier for me to respond and gives you a platform for your well-intended opinions.]

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment.