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In almost 20 years of blogging, I have written most of what first appeared on since December 2003 (Closed on the 1st of January 2012) and now fully migrated and published on since December 2009 according to my basic credo of things I have found too concerning to ignore.
In the process, I have been fortunate to have my blog cited by other blogs, in news stories, as an academic reference, as a study aid or just a journal that many have visited over the years, leaving comments or just leaving tracks.
I have found a number of instances where my blog has found some recognition and I have decided to create a page populated with such references, much like a blogging trophy cabinet as thanks to those who have thought my writings worthy of some recognition.
Neoclassical Architecture on Wikipedia
One dreary day, a friend suggested we go to view an exhibition when I was in Berlin, it had to do with how Adolf Hitler planned to change Berlin into a world capital city. It was quite fascinating that I wrote a blog Welthauptstadt Germania - Hilter's vision of a new Berlin {Old location} which included a link to a slideshow of pictures I took at the exhibition, this led to a citation on Wikipedia on Neoclassical architecture.
Learning about Africa
The Bachelors Degree Online website which caters for 40 online universities listed on the left column just below the search box, wrote a blog titled 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa and under the caption Nigeria at number 31, the citation for my blog was given as: “Akin. Touching on topics including women’s rights and using African people as guinea pigs in the research of anti-malarial medications, this blog covers African issues with a focus on Nigeria.
I wrote about the citation here (extinct location) in February 2009 and it now appears here on AkinBlog.
African Studies
Almost 2 years afterwards in December 2010, another citation came from Accredited Online Colleges which caters for the best online universities in the United States and a selection of 17 top ranked colleges globally which includes my alma mater University of Liverpool.
In a blog titled 40 Best Blogs for African Studies Students, this was the citation for my blog: Akin: Highly eloquent, insightful and provocative, Akin is essential reading for any undergraduates or graduates with a particular affinity for Nigeria — though topics from other nations (and the continent as a whole) do frequently crop up as well.”
Nigerian Elections
I received a call from a friend a few weeks ago, he talked about the monthly Africa Focus bulletins he receives about development aid in Africa and pointed me to a reference that listed my blog as one of the additional blogs and news sites to visit concerning the 2011 elections in Nigeria.

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