Monday 28 August 2023

Am I the writer I could be?

A writer unsure

I have traits, abilities, and skills that I probably know, in other cases have been noticed, but I have rarely had the confidence over self-doubt to use consistently and maybe as profitably as possible.

One of those is writing and the ability to convey complex and difficult ideas easily and comprehensibly. Obviously, my turn of phrase and use of expression can be quirky, queer, and unusual. I have decided that is my voice, the range in which it is heard and read is characteristically mine, and so, I have resisted certain requirements to conform to a style guide, my blog becoming my bailiwick of boundless expression.

A writer constrained

Well, I want to believe that my expression is boundless, but it hardly is, I have to take into consideration the cloud of witnesses, known and unknown who might misread, misconstrue, or misunderstand. Those who have access to me would seek clarification whilst others would run along with their misconception and subscribe to conjecture, over which I have no control.

Then again, I am not writing scripts that need some tight direction, I think I am inclined to the story-form narrative, the way my observations bring forth interesting perspectives and the short blog is a good vehicle for that.

A writer student

I guess I have struggled with the long-form novel, particularly what might become my autobiography. A few chapters have been written but this is where I am beginning to think I need some tutelage or school, something to break through that feeling of incapacity and limitation.

I do not know if that can be taught and learned, but I am quite willing to try. It might be one of the courses in tertiary education I embark on.

For now, I am still thinking of what ideas and celebrations should greet my 20 years of blogging. I do wonder what should be done.

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