Thursday 30 March 2023

I published a GoFundMe appeal

In the public of our lives

The public of our lives is never a situation to take likely, for one, social media has such a wide expanse with the possibility of what you publish reaching audiences you may not have intended.

Indeed, much of what I have shared with my public has been varied, though more on the better experiences of life than otherwise. I guess it is unconventional to share the pain as it is necessary to keep up appearances, lest the side is let down.

Yet silence can be a limiter of advantage, prospect, or opportunity, we all meet adversity on differing scales and employ whatever resources or means we can to address those issues. Some we can handle within what we have to bear, others need the support of a wider community, and then there are circumstances where only a miracle will suffice, we probably sometimes pray more for that than anything.

Reflecting on coming through

I have had such amazingly good times; I cannot deny I have lived an enchanted life of adventure, possibility, love, discovery, progress, and excellence. I am living through a phase, like walking through a valley of the shadow of death as the Psalmist said when he encouraged himself through the fear, with the comfort of the Lord bringing him to where a table was set before him in the presence of his enemies.

It is a journey well-travelled by humankind, I just write from the midst of my storms. The separate lives we live mean viewing another in distress can evoke sympathy or glee, each person has to tackle whatever they face, the way they know how, or have to learn to, in the process.

Seeking the support of others

In view of that, I have sought the help, support, and kindness of friends and strangers to sponsor a quest to rekindle my passion, reboot my career, and reassert myself in all spheres of endeavour. All I am asking for is another chance to aim to be the best I can be.

There is no denying tough times present tough situations for which tough decisions are necessary, some decisions are difficult and humbling, exposing one’s vulnerability as much as it defines one’s stark humanity. Any pretensions to being a superman are therefore immediately dispensed of as raw reality deigns to express.

That is why I have set up a fundraising drive with GoFundMe to achieve those aims, asking the community and the public to help me get to a new place. I know that there are people who would have other interesting ideas about how best to address these circumstances, but I can assure them that this is a deeply considered and difficult activity that was not done on a whim. Thank you for your support and generosity.

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