Tuesday 1 June 2021

When bowels of inconvenience afflict thee

The travails of leg movement

Today was a basically a free day and one in which I finally decided to take advantage of the summery weather that had begun to show up from the last few days of May. When I stepped out for my walk this morning, the day was already bright and warm, the sun had risen and it wasn’t yet 6:00 AM, I soon regretted not going out in a short-sleeve vest and shorts, along with wearing a run visor to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Sometimes, going out for walks of about 10 kilometres or more presents the complications of the call of nature, some that can be dealt with easily and others too difficult that you have to break the event to rush back home or on rare occasions even soil yourself and seek a private route of shame back home.

The urges of bowel movement

It is unfortunate that there is literally no public convenience in the city except those in the shopping centres or hospitality venues, none of which would be open at that time of the day. I remember being unable to use one in a shopping centre just on the outskirts of town a few weeks ago because it had been boarded off for some reason.

It makes you wonder what people are supposed to do when a pressing call of nature would not take endurance as a timesaving option until you have conveniently reached a public convenience. In London, I found the same thing. The single-occupant public convenience was inaccessible and if it was, you needed coins. I thought everything was paid for with contactless cards or NFC (near field communication) mobile devices, like seriously in 2021, they need an immediate radical update.

Human nature is just nature

Suffice it to say that halfway through my walk, I still had another 5 kilometres to go when I was on a beeline for home to address the matter for which there was nothing more I could do but accept the limitations of my human nature, it may be age too, for it is not the first time either.

I read a blog written a few years ago about a male friend of a lady who was disgusted because the female host of a party had prominently made tampons available in the bathroom. The man may not have recognised what every female does experience; periods, sudden menstrual flows, the embarrassment of visible stains as a result, and the possible absence of sanitary wares to contain the situation. My occasional inconvenience is nothing in comparison, but I will ensure having that accessory in my bathroom for guests, that’s my lesson. [UpWorthy: What I realized about feminism after my male friend was disgusted by tampons at a party]

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