Friday 21 December 2018

The look of 53

Counting blessings
When I think about the loveliness of birthdays, a day of reflection and gratitude as one gives thanks for another year added to the many that have come and gone, a story gets told.
This is my tenth birthday after a cancer diagnosis in September 2009 that offered a worst-case prognosis of 5 weeks to live, and here I am celebrating my 53rd birthday.
This year has been amazing and eventful, it is one in which I have been blessed so abundantly in too many things to mention that I have had means and opportunity to do things and thrive in those things.
Grateful in gratitude
Whilst there have been concerns about my health, they have just been concerns, all foreboding consigned to the record of nothing to worry about. I could do more exercise and get fitter if I do not want my age to get the better of me.
All my gratitude is to God and man, I have been sustained, supported, encouraged, praised and promoted. Goodness and mercy following me like the Psalmist said in Psalm 23.
Looking back, I have great cause to look ahead, inspired to do newer things, discovering things that once I did not see and knowing that each passing day brings forth a better story.
Sing better stories
To my friends, the few I have who stand steadfast at all times, good or bad, in leanness or plenty, thank you for being there, being close and being you.
May we all joyfully celebrate even more than we ever had the capacity to conceive or imagine. I raise a glass to 53 and may strength, peace, health, joy, love and kindness take us to places that make our best dreams strive to reach our new reality.

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