Saturday 25 March 2017

Does anyone feel pain like I do?

I have sometimes been alone,
Alone in my thoughts,
Thoughts that linger,
Linger for a day,
Day in, day out,
Out on my own in the cold,
Cold and wondering,
Wondering does anyone,
Anyone feel my pain,
Pain that goes deep,
Deep into my being,
Being here and thinking,
Thinking it does not matter,
Matter to anyone really,
Really to be bothered,
Bothered with what,
What the story is about,
About the things in my mind,
Mind, body, soul and life,
Life of many tales,
Tales yet untold to anyone,
Anyone who would care,
Care enough to hear my cries,
Cries too silent, I can’t hear myself,
Myself on in my head,
Head heavy with burdens,
Burdens I dare to bear,
Bear with grace and hope,
Hope beyond the fears,
Fears I can’t find words for,
For I am not perfect,
Perfect and sure,
Sure enough on many things
Things I cannot control,
Control and order,
Order that I like,
Like to address,
Address in yours and mine,
Mine being hard,
Hard but not as yours,
Yours makes me worry,
Worry about what I can do,
Do to help if I could,
Could if I had the means,
Means I do not presently have,
Have like I did at one time,
Time weighs heavily,
Heavily for what to say,
Say how I feel again,
Again that I’m only human,
Human as human as I know,
Know it’s all screwed up,
Up with me,

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