Thursday 2 February 2017

A wreath for Dick, a never-forgotten friend

How I befriend
I seldom make new friends, it takes time for me to attach and involve, yet, there are people I take a liking to from the onset and before I know it, I am involved, invested and engaged.
In some cases, it might be overbearing, maybe I could be, it is not out of malice or infatuation, it is primarily out of interest, as for me, friendship does not come that easily.
Yes, I will get involved in your life, your well-being, your concerns, your happiness because your friendship to me is one of an engagement that brings fulfilment. I immensely enjoy companionship.
Don’t hurt me
Invariably, I do not ask for much in return, your freedom is yours to use as you will, if you give me some of your time, your presence, your company and your friendship, I do cherish it. Treat me with respect and consideration, take some time to walk a long hard mile in my own shoes. I have an open hand, open arms and feelings too, if you can, please don’t hurt my feelings, you will never get another chance to hurt me a second time.
In that, I have very few friends and even fewer lovers, of friends, two have dearly departed and of lovers, one has gone, never to return, to the land of dreams and memories of a joy and love we once shared. [Dick van Galen Last] [John Coll] [Chris Clarke]
In memory of
I cherish my friends and of my lovers who have gone on to love others, they remain my friends for life because they were once a part of me.
These thoughts of the present and the past are a reflection and for a memorial to a friend who passed on today, seven years ago. I cannot visit his grave in Amsterdam to lay flowers of remembrance, but I write fondly of him, because he was a dear, dear friend and I miss him and his friendship which the passage of time has not lessened.
Dear Dick, Rest in peace, love you always, you’re never forgotten.

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