Wednesday 4 January 2017

Thank you, Funmi!

We are oceans of mystery
It is now out there, for all to see and know. Much as I have striven not to be predictable, I have probably been more so than not, as people who know me know my mannerisms and that occasional tic towards obsessiveness and things being just so.
We are as human beings and individuals very simple and very complex beings, like the ocean can be seen as a body of water, it can also be a place of mystery, hiding the undiscovered and offering wild adventure, the forces therein are unfathomable and yet we put vessels on its waves to get from shore to shore, almost oblivious of the world beneath.
So is the story of every person, known and unknown, the expression, the garb, the gait, the speech, the thoughts can only reveal so much, there is always ocean depth to each observation at any point in time, that is what gives us a sense of mystique and a bearing of mystery.
We are more than is seen
We are the result of a long journey of a life full of experiences that may never get an airing, of stories, tales and anecdotes that might be so poorly told as to be unexciting, but we are by no means insignificant in and of ourselves, we are part of the amazing story of our varied, diverse and enthralling humanity and let us celebrate that fact every day.
I decided a few days ago, to reveal a part of my own humanity that some might know and others may not, it is just a part of my me and hardly everything about me and definitely not what defines my existence. When we have perspective, we begin to see things quite differently.
We can learn to love ourselves
I have alluded to it in many blogs before, I have written about it as a matter of living and letting live by allowing everyone to be a full expression of themselves boldly, without fear or sense of shame. If we can learn to love ourselves we would have unwittingly achieved the greatest love of all. [1][2]
My dear friend, Funmi Iyanda with deep sensitivity and kindness, handling the narrative very sympathetically wrote of me, on friendship, on adversity, the road to recovery, the pursuit of happiness and the celebration of sexuality.
I have been blown away by the messages of support, encouragement and goodwill on social media platforms, I am grateful for every charitable message that expresses the best of our deepest humanity.
Thank you Funmi for this, here is the piece – For Akin.

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