Saturday 30 April 2016

Thought Picnic: These things

These silly things
In my little way, there are things that intrigue and amuse me that to others might seem silly and that is fine with me.
Single and unattached, the tendency to a hermit’s existence is readily available and in that, times of introspection and thought with the occasional lapse into unhealthy mental assays that do nothing for confidence or esteem.
Yet, one must as needs allow travel these lonely courses in search of new light and insight, upon which one might happen on interesting self-discovery or heightened realisation.
These serious things
Nowhere has this been revealing as the wonder of medicine in my lifetime and that fact that for every advance in medicine that I have had the opportunity to avail myself of, I have been blessed to benefit greatly without the encumbrance of archaic beliefs, strange customs or weird interpretations preventing me.
Born some ten weeks before I was due, medicine gave me an incubator where in many other places without knowledge or resource I might have expired into a memory of loss like my half-brother Iriri some 40 or so years later.
These useful things
I marvel at how at one time, threats loom by the tales in my blood and after taking a prescription, some with unbelievable side-effects, new tales are told, with the threat literally snuffed out or markedly weakened.
Medicine today when viewed through the prism of beliefs established over a millennium ago will look like witchcraft, much as the aircraft we fly in today would to the inventors of man in flight, just over a century ago.
There is a lot in the knowledge pool of humanity to benefit us physically, mentally and possibly spiritually. As a pragmatist, I avail myself of all that keeps me alive, lively, reflective and happy. Let us detach ourselves from the fatalism of fate out of our hands and embrace the joy of living.

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