Tuesday 8 December 2015

Celebrating 12 Years of Blogging

My story’s in my blogs
Twelve years ago, I was in a hotel in Berlin when I wrote my first blog as I began blogging just to express all sorts of opinions about topics that I found interesting, engaging or needing a perspective completely different from the mainstream.
Over time, I began to tell stories, mostly personal or relatable stories, I do not think I am good at writing fiction and I have rarely dabbled in that genre.
Whilst I am not as prolific as I would have wanted to be and in many ways I have been lazy at writing or even suffered writer’s block, what my blogs have become are tales of experience and life where sometimes something so ordinary and seemingly inconsequential can gain significance just because it becomes part of a story.
Maybe we can celebrate
I have found that blogs that tell personal stories have the most resonance and whilst I have watched bloggers come and go, and there have been many, I still believe everyone has a story to tell, in their own voice, in their own words to enrich our humanity.
I had hoped to celebrate this landmark anniversary leading on to my 50th birthday in less than two weeks with getting people to contribute to my blog as I as did with the Decade Blogs of two years ago, but have been away from home and been quite preoccupied to many other things to give it much attention, it might yet happen.
However, I do ask, if you do blog and do read my blogs, please write a story, one of life and experience in commemoration of blogging and having a voice speaking loud and clear about the joy of living, the pursuit of happiness and the zest for life, because despite many other blogs I have written, I think those three themes do light up my blog.
Thank you
Thank you to everyone who have supported me through reading, commenting, added expression, given inspiration or just browsed on their way to something more engaging. I hope to do better at this thing called blogging, thank you for 12 years of stories.
My blog masthead remains the purpose of this blog, “Essential similar to what is known, compatible to what is expected and related to the unexpected …” It is a redefinition of my name ‘Akin’ and how my stories begin.

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