Saturday 17 January 2015

A birthday greeting to the incomparable @BisiAlimi

My Birthday piece to honour Bisi Alimi
The people who inspire me the most are those whose lives are a story, a story that is told about who they are and how have they have struggled to remain true to themselves and become the example and the inspiration to others, that makes all proud of them.
One such person is Bisi Alimi, and I write here to celebrate an amazing man, whom I see as a friend and a brother.
Bisi Alimi’s story is already well told in many places, however, what I have seen of this remarkable man is a constant lesson of believing in yourself, picking yourself up when you are down and an aggressive pursuit of happiness.
Rejected and persecuted in his own land of birth, I am proud to be British and to have cause with a people who not only embrace difference and diversity, they offer opportunity and the scope to create an identity in which you can thrive and be the best you can ever be.
Why Bisi inspires
Yet, the best is yet to come for Bisi, having spoken before princes, dined with kings, travelled the world all in a clear demonstration of that simple fundamental – If you know who you are and are not afraid to say who you are, you will be known, you will be spoken of, you’ll be honoured and you’ll be respected.
Each time Bisi has a platform to tell his unique story, it gives hope to many who struggle with their identity and sexuality, people are encouraged to have expectations that a better and sunny day looms regardless of the darkness of the present.
I am more than honoured to know Bisi, he has in too many ways brought me into his confidence that makes me more than just thankful for making his acquaintance, I am ecstatic about the buzz he brings to things.
Now, there are many areas where our politics or ideology are not aligned and that is good for healthy discussion, even disagreement, but it will never dim my affection and love for him as a person and for the things he holds dear from loves through passions to activism.
My birthday wishes
On his 40th Birthday and he does not look anything like 40, lithe, handsome and well, before I swoon in adulation with risqué description, I can only wish for him, more success, more blessing, more opportunity, more achievement, more recognition and definitely, more means to do the things he dreams of, aspires to, desires earnestly and to reach beyond anything he has ever imagined he could ever do.
I also wish that the love for the love of his life, Anthony, grows stronger in affection and fulfilment, that they may never tire of each other, but bond the more that we begin to bat our eyelids at the thought of the partnership. Love!
Bisi, Happy Birthday, may this herald the beginning of a more exciting and even more wonderful life, full of health, full of joy, full of laughter and full of every happy thing in life.
Many happy returns, my inspiration, my friend, my brother, you are loved.

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