Tuesday 23 September 2014

Thought Picnic: And more graffiti with punctuation

Not bothering much
The blog lies fallow for nothing has been written for a week. For some, they blog daily to meet a target, fulfil a duty or a calling. Mine is done for leisure even if one desires a bit more discipline to the activity.
It is not that there isn’t much to write about, there is some much going on that tweets on Twitter do not have encapsulate thoughts and thinking about the issues that concern and bother.
Yet, between writer’s block and lethargy you decide you cannot be bothered and yet as each day goes without letter or writing, you wonder if you are not relapsing into apathy and disinterest.
Things to do
The holiday snaps still need to be completed and I’ve been back two weeks already, my walking experiences have taken me places I never knew existed around Manchester, then the plague of megalomania men of God who act with impunity being answerable to God alone in Nigeria – there is enough to make one so justifiably a humanist and be done with every similitude of religion or faith – it rankles.
However, a blog starts with a thought and with fingers tapping at the keyboard the network of cranial interactions in the mind seems to generate a piece that could never have been intended at the time the first paragraph was completed.
All this rubbished
That in itself is the beauty of blogging, though after almost eleven years of this, you could understand how dejected I felt when I read a posting on a friend’s Facebook page, ‘“Blogging is not writing, it's just graffiti with punctuation." Dr Ian Sussman in the movie, Contagion.’ I wept for myself and returned to the self-same graffiti with this blog.
So there, one done, and many more to come.

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