Monday 5 May 2014

Battling with my vulnerabilities to pain

The eye of pain
Quietly, I have been going about things as if it did not matter. I’ve been in pain for the past few hours, my right eyeball giving me such discomfort and I am no wiser as to why.
I have placed a cold pad over it to ease the pain and I would have taken painkillers if I was not already feeling so nauseous.
I cannot attribute anything to this uncomfortably ill-feeling, though it does feel like I am coming down with something I do not want to yield to.
No glory in emesis
Thrice, I have been bent over the toilet bowl ready for emesis, salivating a lot the first two times and then finally evacuating my guts the third time.
The horrid feeling is if you are vomiting on an empty stomach, you convulse and retch, groan and contort without much to show for it. Nasty does not describe the feeling.
When the retching stopped, I poured a bowl of cold water over my head and appeared to calm down. The eyeball pain is still there, but I probably should just take a rest.
Have me in your thoughts. Good night!

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