Wednesday 17 April 2013

Thought Picnic: Somewhat slow getting to tiptop shape

Easy does it
I slowly put myself into recovery mode by not exerting myself too much, anything that will labour my breath, my thinking or my situation I have attempted to avoid to devote the reserves of strength I have to getting well quickly.
Obviously, with my serious loss of appetite there were no reserves of energy to do extraordinary things, letting the fresh air in, I have kept in my hotel room, keeping warm and drinking Earl Grey tea by the gallon – I like my tea.
I have taken on no new activities even though there are some things that need tending to, I have just stuck to the routines of work and rest for maximum benefit – contributing to Twitter without being too combative, having telephone conversations in the most demure manner even when I have been so greatly irritated and avoiding the frustrations that accompany emails from people who should be doing what I repeatedly have to get them to do, again and again – I am taking my time.
New hands on me
My hospital check-ups are round the corner but with all that was going on, I could not muster the strength for travel to the Netherlands but as my pills were running out and I could not get the unprogressive Boots’ Chemist pharmacist to read my foreign prescription, I arranged to visit the local hospital this morning to chat about my situation.
The synopsis of my story had already made them eager to engage and help, somehow, I represented one of those rare cases of people who have done the whole nine yards and more regimens of radical medical intervention much of which they had mostly read from textbooks or heard of from historical recounts but never experienced.
I was ushered in nicely, introduced, registered and then called into the doctor’s office where I related my entire medical history without skipping on all the medical terms and the apothecary concoctions that have found sojourn through my body over the last four years.
Pages of notes later along with reading through my medical transcript, we decided on a battery of tests and checks, swabs, fluids and the 7 vials of blood followed with an appointment for three weeks hence and not forgetting a month’s supply of pills.
I’m feeling cold again
I returned to the hotel to work at pace rather than the office especially after the amount of blood I had given. The decision remains mine if I want to move my treatment regimen completely back to the UK and avail myself of additional services to help people with my medical history cope with a whole myriad of issues.
My appetite is still far from back to normal, I could only manage a fruit salad and though my temperature read 35.9 Celsius this morning taken from my ear, I seem to be running a higher temperature already that I have asked for another blanket as I seek the miracle healing benefits of sleep to give me strength for tomorrow.

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Rose said...

ohhh Akin... you need proper care and should take time off work if possible and a proper bowl of soup, please get well soon, am praying for you and sending a positive energy towards you :)

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