Friday 8 February 2013

Thought Picnic: Intentions suffused in communication

Communicating sarcasm
Sometimes the only tool one has to deploy against a situation that is veering between the embarrassing and the untenable is not force or wit but sarcasm, albeit understated.
The art of communication still remains an art in the choice of words, the choice of audience in anticipation of an expected outcome, unlikely as it might seem.
The system is no doubt broken by reason of the fact that if a process fails, there is nothing to take up the slack, no initiative proffered and responsibility falls through the gaping cracks as the problem festers without resolution.
Chance on this
One last ditch effort was a reminder with a half-finished sentence that I allowed to trail with the deft use of the ellipsis, I did not write another email after that but it got one furious, another acquiescent and then finally a helpful statement.
In the background, much as the project has useful remuneration, it was becoming ethically unhealthy to continue to take benefit for little even though the situation was no fault of mine and I intimated those that mattered on the looming decision.
Resetting the engine
Soon after, we were filling procedural forms anew, signed and delivered with a list of requirements and declarations, all in the hope that eventually something might just shift and the desired will be granted.
20 hours after, an email arrived with all the information that should have been supplied 4 weeks before and most of the access that was requested only the day before.
The process of analysis and documentation began, exploring the layout, accessing system and getting a clear view of one’s entire to which one will be called to support and assist in the great work ahead.
At the conclusion of a moon cycle, we have eclipsed the one-time insurmountable and one can presume a baptism of fire awaits the advent of the next sunrise at the coal face.
Great result, though if it were much earlier, the lesser angst one will have suffered.

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