Thursday 4 October 2012

Happy Birthday! Bus.

She bit me
It was one of those rare occasions that my mother was away for a few days and then she returned with this amazing bundle of joy and a bit of noise too.
Within a week, I was handing out strips of paper at a party that was attended by students from my mother’s school who thought I was quite a dancer; I was just coming to 7. The strips of paper had her name which for me then was quite a tongue-twister so we settled for Bus (Buus).
The earliest memory I have of being big brother was when she gave me a bite on the back, I was supposed to be comforting her strapped to my back and there she was trying her newly grown milk teeth on me; I cried rivers and found no sympathy.
Amazing Bus
Bus was always going to be the most misunderstood of my siblings by my parents but then again her amazing brilliance in school kept her at the top of her class. Much more, she was the show girl too, able to sing, dance and recite Yoruba poetry she was bedecked in aso-oke and presented to many publics to perform and win prizes, she made us all proud.
Adolescence and then adulthood came through secondary school and university, then certain difficulties but always irrepressible and determined, she has proved herself accomplished, able, inspiring and much more.
If Bus were not my sister, I would have wanted to be one of her best and closest friends, she has always had my back through thick and thin, the wonderful and beautiful lady that she always is.
My very best wishes
If only I could write a better tribute in celebration of this landmark year, it is her birthday today.
I have every good wish for her happiness, her joy, her peace, her prosperity, her health and long life. May she prosper beyond her wildest imagination in all things good and wonderful because I believe her best is still ahead of her.
Much as I remember that bite, may she have the best bite of the sweet cake of life, be blessed, be honoured and be well.
To Bus with all love from Yankee.


opeyemi famakin said...

that a lovely from a BIG BROTHER, SIS Buss am wishing long life and prosperity. a book of remberance will be opened for you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS

Akintayoolubusola said...


ibukunoluwa said...

well delivered, me tribute.................. let me not write lol

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