Thursday 3 May 2012

Thought Picnic: A Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne Showers

Showers in a closet
Sometimes, the things that fascinate me are quite silly to others but we are all eccentric in our own little ways.
As I stood under the shower this morning adjusting the temperature of the water to just about bearable heat to offer a somewhat sensational feel as I cooked my flesh to medium-rare edibility, I noticed that the shower head had some labels.
Set to pour
I found that normally, I stood under the rain setting and once when I had a wet shave, I adjusted the shower head to the jet setting without thinking anything to it – the higher pressure current allowing for my shaving stick to be cleaned easily.
The massage setting was easy on the body but I did wonder what the champagne setting meant – not that I expected to be soaked in Dom PĂ©rignon but it was worth checking.
So, I twisted the shower head to the champagne setting and the depressurised flow was as if the water was aerated, much easier on the skin; lazy, languid and effortless – there are times when a shower should be soothing with the rich texture of good champagne.
NB: A Nebuchadnezzar in wine measures is the equivalent of 15 litres or 20 standard wine bottles.

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