Sunday 20 November 2011

Happy Birthday! My dear friend

Once my love, always my friend

A love I once had that I was infatuated beyond comprehension maybe it was when I was 7, emotions welled up within me as I looked at the beauty and saw those eyes, there was a longing for an embrace that never came.

Nineteen years on, there came within my view, another, eyes met and the scribe; pen to hand, began to write our story.

It was a station concourse, I was returning home, my quarry on the way to watch a musical seeking succour from a university life that had but consumed that soul to weariness.

We somewhat knew but were not sure as I unusually made the move, mustering courage I cannot say I had much of in those circumstances to say Hello.

From that point our souls were knit and for 7 years were we partners in life, in change, in growth and in love, till we sadly parted ways, out of love but still friends.

We have remained so, good friends even after we have moved on, I have not had a new beau and the other now happily married, my joy not diminished for the love we once shared – the holding of hands, the kisses, the hugs, the embraces and much of a love that dare not speak its name.

Travelling down memory lane today is about celebrating a birthday – blowing kisses and a bouquet of the best wishes for more wonderful, beautiful, healthful and joyful years.

Happy birthday! You are a friend always – Mwah!

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