Monday 15 August 2011

Thought Picnic: I want my life back

There was a time

Sometimes I think about when it did not matter when I never had to think about it to do it, I just had the means, the wherewithal, the good fortune, the blessing, the luck to live and enjoy life almost without a care.

Five years ago, I wrote The job just comes it seems like ages ago now, things have changed so much that I am in places I never imagined I could ever be.

I am finding a timeline demarcation showing up in my life history, there is a clear change of circumstances, pace of life and run of good fortune that has had me literally live from hand-to-mouth when I was faced with one of the severest threats to my life.

Another time

There is a B.C. and an E.C. and I found myself writing this Thought Picnic: No pills for the bills, recovery has been a long windy road, I have begun to sound like a broken record the immediate threat to life once passed still leaves an immediate threat to livelihood and a comfort of being built over about two decades.

B.C. stands for Before Cancer, before an unimaginable future became a present stark reality, before every vulnerability was exposed and there was little to help myself than hope and believe that I would come through it.

E.C. stands for Exim Chemotherapy, after discovery and treatment that took away every strength and resistance my body had to offer apart from the will to survive and the abundance of faith, hope and charity.

Maybe this

Matters were too pressing to relax and fully recuperate as the first opportunity to do anything was seized upon even though the strength to do it was hardly there; it was the triumph of spirit and mind over body that lagged far behind where my mind put my feet and where my spirit put my stamina.

It was a respite but not a solution even though I dared to think that lasting change will come it is now not so, each day passes by with every attempt to launch out countered with doubts about what I can do, serving a sentence like one is in the prison of one of those encounters of humanity – disease – over but still like the cloud of a criminal record.

I have dabbled in many things to change my situation even fancied the possibility of earning something from my writing and as much as a ”Donate” bottom has taken pride of place on my blog, it has yet to become a call to action.

Health is no doubt wealth, I see it all on LinkedIn; with my connections as life goes on, changes are happening and I find a number of laurels of a life where my views, opinions and professional judgement mattered.

I loved my work life

They are called recommendations and the few I have sometimes tell me that there is something out there I can still do given the opportunity, the change and some slack.

I recommend Akin for his deep and detailed technical knowledge around deployment solutions and his ability to use this knowledge to create working solutions for complex and high demanding environments like Canon. Akin's knowledge concerns not only desktops and the deployment infrastructure but also related technology. Akin not only considers the technical aspects of deployment but always takes the user experience into consideration.

Akin is a team player, humoristic and has his own special style. March 2, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Akin is an excellent individual who has the ability to work to a very high level of Technical expertise. He has excellent communication skills and mentored me during my time with Alexander & Alexander.

I still use the troubleshooting methodology that Akin taught me almost 15 years ago and this has helped me to progress in my career.

I would highly recommended Akin as an excellent engineer, team leader and he would prove to be an asset to any organisation.” March 15, 2009

Reliving memories

Akin has become one of the most trustworthy consultants I've ever worked with. Akin did three projects for us and all of these 3 customers did highly approve his work, mentality and his personal touch. He is a real expert and the top of his class.

I'd recommend him to all companies that need a specialist that works his projects from start to finish. April 6, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Akin was a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and commitment to completing the tasks in a professional manner were attended to with the utmost professionalism.

His knowledge of Microsoft products and insight into how they worked helped many project teams complete the work assigned on time. He was always a great person to have on any project. April 6, 2009

Akin has helped us in various places within the software control and distribution field and has very solid ideas about how such a process should be designed and implemented to be.

Akin thinks before he acts, shares his thoughts, acts decisively and perseveres until finished. April 19, 2010

I suppose this whole blog can be summarised into one yearningly loud cry – I want my life back.

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