Monday 4 October 2010

Do you still Facebook from there?

Be my friend

In invitation to become a Facebook friend arrived the other day to one of my many email addresses not registered with Facebook so this time I decided to add that address and another one to my profile just to get a view of the invitations I have once before ignored in trying to compartmentalise the different aspects of my life.

I learnt a bit late that Facebook was meant for friends in a social sense and LinkedIn for those from a professional life, that distinction is a bit clearer now, but I have made a few more friends on Facebook for the fact of being a tad opinionated.

We’ve been waiting for you

On the first email address there were 6 pending invitations including the one that prompted this amalgamation of email personalities, as I accepted the first, I saw a familiar name.

In fact, he had invited me on Facebook years ago when I was quite shy of the phenomenon, besides, our friendship had been on and off for years that I never really got the opportunity to renew the acquaintance.

So, here I was given the opportunity to become friends again and I would have jumped at it and I hoped and wished that was really possible.

Do you still Facebook?

He hadn’t updated his status for a while but that did mean there was no traffic on his page, birthday greetings, invitations to events, jokes and the kind of fare that makes Facebook what it is.

The one that was most interesting was a message of regrets about not being able to attend a very important function arranged in honour of my friend, eerily, his burial.

I could at least confirm exactly when he died and that he was well loved by all of us who had the pleasure of his company – he remains a friend on Facebook and a fond memory.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, am I ready for Facebook? The more bizarre question being, do you still Facebook from there?

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