Sunday 24 January 2010

Thought Picnic: No pills for the bills

Our plans smothered by life

If only the plans we make fall into place in the clockwork of life, our stories would so different, ever so different. If we saw the future of today a year ago, what would we have done to preempt it all to be so different?

These thoughts come and go with one assurance that life gives hope and adversity comes to go, the man is made by how he wades through his adversity not by the adversity itself.

Insuring the assurance

The insurances for what cannot be assured vary, but we fail to insure against them, without compulsory insurance, the able would not insure, the wealthy will not bother, the healthy would believe invincibility and the living would dare immortality but life deals cards from decks you have not touched.

Your priorities vary from their impatiences, you wonder if the whole sum of life is really the battle of desire over restraint, maybe for some it is moderation over excess but those who have the luxuries needn’t be affected by the reality of lack.

The gift of good health

In my realisation, the greatest prize is the gift of good health, with it you can go to places and make great changes, without it you seek mercy from those who might believe you have great potential, if only, but now only you remain with the hope of reprieve.

You wonder how the flippancy of a night in any hotel you wish to stay in parallels the scrimp and save that stretches to three weeks awaiting new manna from heaven.

One by one, the creature comforts are lost to unpaid bills for which the pharmacist has no pills, you diligently swallow the pills and the bitter ones too, you have been told they will make you well, your wellness is the key and let it be on time you pray.

Cherish health

You are ably showing your inability to be able to accentuate your ability with drowsiness written on three pills, you need one liveline, one faith, one hope and big hand of love to lift you out of the quagmire – the just shall surely live by faith.

Then your mind wanders back to that day you were told your illness will last months and you will have no income for almost a year, did you need a Joseph for a nightmare and you forgot to get him out of prison?

The lessons are well learnt, cherish health, insure against the improbable and be ready to tackle the amazing and God give you strength to come out strong on the other side.

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