Wednesday 4 November 2009

To live in one shoe

Off the foot for a shoe in

The whole tiring event of today was contained in a hospital visit. Whilst I was yet in hospital it was suggested that a special shoe be constructed for my foot.

It was considered a difficult task because the lesions under my sole were at or close to the weight-bearing parts of my foot.

How you displace the weight in such way that each step was not an earthquake of stabbing pain would call on the genius of these specialist orthopaedic cobblers.

Appointed m’lady

So, this visit which could not be merged with other planned visits to the hospital, I was there to try out my half a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, Manolo Blahnik, you have no patch on these footwear.

First, the receptionist said I had no appointment but was quick enough to realise her mistake before I took the ante to the next octave, this was set 5 weeks hence and still this was not for my bespoke shoe - in all, this conception to acquisition will take 7 weeks, I can get a bespoke suit done in Asia in 24 hours.

When the shoe was finally presented, it was like a low-heeled pump/boot and the inlay of wood, silicone and some padding that would blend better with Caucasian skin.

It was fitted and there were parts marked out for modification and improvement, meanwhile, my foot had seen enough rough handling to start crying out with pain.

The beauty of the shoe

My sole had changed a bit since the first analysis, a greater surface area of skin had already become necrotised than the original lesion areas, these bits of skin when pulled back expose fresh red skin that would form the basis of new sole skin, but as it heals the surface nerves are so sensitive and are active transmitters of pain, I have to ask if there are better pain management regimes I can use.

This bizarre construct of a shoe might require that I have a heel added to my normal right-foot shoe, methinks, this shoe would not have long to travel and you cannot imagine the cost of this sandal pretending to be a boot when it was only mustered the admiration of a slipper.

At least, if you are going to make a special shoe try a bit of beauty – is that too much to ask, do the sick have to be seriously made up to look very sick indeed? I have a separate appointment next week to pick them up.

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